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Jewelry Care

Show your treasured pieces some love and they will reward you with their pleasures longer.


Everyday care - Storage and Wear

* Store your precious piece in a jewelry pouch.

* Never force or pull chains. When in storage, arrange chains in loop shapes to avoid damage.

* After each use, gently wipe every piece with a soft cloth to remove any make-up residue or oils from your skin. Go easy – excessive polishing might rub off the plating. 

* Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool, sauna or steam room.

* Don’t sleep with your jewelry on.

Water and chemical interactions

* Water and chemicals found in everyday products may damage the surface. Always take jewelry off before washing your hands, bathing, showering or doing household work.

* Add your jewelry as the last step of your beauty routine. Hairspray, perfume, soap, make-up, oils and lotions may all dull the surface.


* Just like any other wardrobe item, jewelry needs maintenance to keep in mint condition. Check locks and clasps regularly. 

* It is natural for the layers of gold plating to gradually wear off, but by following our care tips you can slow down the process. You might at some point want to get a new layer of gold plating. If so, get in touch with us.